General Information

The Industry Interest Group (IIG), founded in 2015, is a special interest group operating under ECCOMAS. Its main objectives include strengthening the industrial liaison and developing contacts between ECCOMAS and the different DGs of the European Commission.

Today, the world is changing rapidly and new innovations are invented simultaneously both in the scientific community and the business life. However, there is a danger that these innovations will remain in their respective communities. While specializing is important to make the best use of any specific field, one thing that is even more important is cooperation. By combining the best practices, new ideas and specific knowledge of several sectors it is possible to create a more comprehensive and better functioning whole.

While universities often have better resources to conduct research, industrial actors tend to have more practical knowledge of their field of operation. For this reason, it is ever more important to establish strong interaction between universities and businesses so that both could benefit from the expertise of the other. This is first and foremost what the IIG wishes to achieve.

The main means of the IIG to promote this interaction is by organizing various kinds of events, such as conferences, special technology sessions and workshops. These events can effectively bring together professionals from the scientific community and the industrial sector and provide a space for exchange, learning and discussion. They also offer a valuable platform for networking, which is crucial in building stronger practices of collaboration.

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