The two ECCOMAS Awards for young scientists are the Olgierd Cecil Zienkiewicz Award in the field of Computational Engineering Sciences, and the Jacques Louis Lions Award  in the field of Computational Mathematics.

The awards are given every two years at the ECCOMAS Congress. 

Rules & Conditions

Eligibility.  The candidates shall be scientists with outstanding contributions in the fields of ECCOMAS as follows:

  • Olgierd Cecil Zienkiewicz Award – for young scientists in the field of Computational Engineering Sciences;
  • Jacques Louis Lions Award – for young scientists in the field of Computational Mathematics.

Frequency. The awards shall not be given more frequently than once every two years.

Awards Conditions. The Awards include a diploma, free registration to the ECCOMAS Congress or Conference where the Award is delivered, and a prize of 2.000 Euros.

Nominations. The ECCOMAS Awards Committee, appointed by the Managing Board, solicits nominations from the ECCOMAS Membership. Candidates for ECCOMAS Awards can be nominated by every individual member of ECCOMAS or by its member associations. Self-nominations are not admissible. A standardized nomination form (maximum two pages) will be provided. The name of the nominator will not be visible during the selection process.

If less than four candidates are nominated, the Secretary asks the Managing Board and Executive Committee for additional nominations within 2 weeks after the original deadline.

A suspension of awarding an ECCOMAS Award is possible.

The Awards Committee The selection of awardees will be done by an Awards Committee, which acts independently of the Managing Board. Awards Committee members are neither eligible for an award nor allowed to nominate candidates.

Members of the Awards Committee are: the seven recent medallists, the last Zienkiewicz and Lions awardees, and four representatives of the Technical Committees (suggested by the respective Technical Committee). Euler or Prandtl medallists nominated for the Ritz-Galerkin medal are not allowed to be members of the Award Committee.

It is the responsibility of the Awards Committee to make all preparations for the selection and presentation of the awards to awardees at the ECCOMAS Congress or ECCOMAS Conferences, respectively.


The Lions Award The Zienkiewicz Award
Year Winner Year Winner
2004 Dr. Mark Ainsworth , Strathclyde University, Scotland, UK 2004 Dr. Perumal Nithiarasu , University of Wales Swansea – UK
2008 Manuel Castro Diaz , University of Malaga, Spain 2008 Christian Hellmich , TUVienna, Austria
2010 Jose Ramón Fernández García , Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Sonia Fernández-Mendez , Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain
2010 Marino Arroyo , Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain
2012 Harald van Brummelen , Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands 2012 Elias Cueto , University of Zaragoza, Spain
Alessandro Reali , University of Pavia, Italy
2014 Gianluigi Rozza , International School for Advanced Studies, Trieste, Italy 2014 Julien Yvonnet , University of Paris-Est Marne-La-Vallée, France
2015 Lourenco Beirão da Veiga, University of Milano Bicocca, Italy 2015 Antonio Gil, Swansea University, UK
2016 Antonio J. Gil, UK 2016 Lourenco Beirão da Veiga, Italy
2018 Siddhartha Mishra, Switzerland 2018 Alexander Popp, Germany