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General Information

Aims and Rules

ECCOMAS Young Investigators can be defined as young scientists (40 years old or younger) working in one of the ECCOMAS research fields. In the last years the number of young investigators working in computational methods in applied sciences has significantly increased. Therefore, the ECCOMAS Young Investigators Committee (EYIC) has been created in order to promote the main goals of ECCOMAS among young researchers, with special emphasis in encouraging activities of young ECCOMAS members. The EYIC also provides an incubator for new ideas, presents the interests of young researchers within the ECCOMAS community and aims to maintain a protective environment for young investigators. The EYIC is composed of members from each national and regional association and is led by one or two internally selected chairpersons.

The main tasks of the EYIC include:

  • To represent the interests of young investigators within ECCOMAS;
  • To disseminate information to young researchers, for example sharing info on open positions, available awards / opportunities / scholarships for young people, conferences / summer schools;
  • To promote and facilitate the creation, and the work, of “young” sections within national associations;
  • To promote the participation of young people at ECCOMAS initiatives and conferences, workshops and other events;
  • To support and advise the organisers of the upcoming YIC and the ECCOMAS PhD Olympiad;
  • To organise Young Investigators events and provide an incubator for new scientific formats at ECCOMAS events;
  • To provide content for the Young Investigators corner of the annual ECCOMAS newsletter; and
  • To provide general support and advice to ECCOMAS on digital platforms (for example, website, job database, social media).

Terms of nomination / appointment:

  • Under 40 years old throughout the term;
  • Member associations are expected to nominate one EYIC member each;
  • Duration of term of generally 4 years with an extension of 2 years possible, at the discretion of the YIC committee;
  • One representative each from the organisers of the previous and upcoming YIC are included as co-opted members;
  • The EYIC vote for one or two chairperson(s) that must be ratified by the ECCOMAS MB. Duration of term of 3 years, re-nomination not possible;
  • The EYIC chairperson(s) define a core group of five members (including the chairperson(s)) whose term is associated with the chairperson(s).

EYIC meetings take place twice a year: at the appropriate ECCOMAS conference (YIC or ECCOMAS Congress) and a working meeting focused on topics defined by the EYIC chairperson(s).

Former Chairpersons

Term of Office Name E-mail
2016 – 2020 Alexander Popp
2016 – 2020 Stefanie Elgeti
2013 – 2016 Alessandro Reali
2012 – 2013 Antonio Gil Andrade-Campos


Member Association Name E-mail
AIMETA, Italy Simone Morganti
University of Pavia
APMTAC, Portugal Albertino Arteiro
University of Porto
BNCTAM, Belgium
CEACM, Central Europe Markus Lukacevic
TU Vienna
CSMA, France Jérémie Girardot
Esplanade des Arts et Métiers
FMS, Finland Leevi Annala
University of Jyväskylä
GACM, Germany Bastian Oesterle
University of Stuttgart
GAMM, Germany Carina Schwarz
University of Duisburg-Essen
GAMNI/SMAI, France Léo Nouveau
INSA Rennes
GRACM, Greece Ioannis Kalogeris
National Technical University of Athens
IACMM, Israel
NMC, The Netherlands Deepesh Toshniwal
Delft University of Technology
NOACM, Northern Europe
ONIV, Russia Alexey Duben
Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics
PACM, Poland Konrad Perzynski
AGH University of Science and Technology
SEMA, Spain Carmen Rodrigo Cardiel (YIC organizing team)
Universidad de Zaragoza
SEMA, Spain Cipriano Escalante Sánchez
University of Cordoba
SEMNI, Spain Enrique Nadal Soriano (**)
Universitat Politècnica de València
SIMAI, Italy Lorenzo Tamellini
SSCM, Serbia Aleksandra Vulovic
University of Kragujevac
SWICCOMAS, Switzerland David S. Kammer
ETH Zurich
TNCTAM, Turkey
UKACM, United Kingdom Emilio Martínez-Pañeda
University of Durham
(*) Co-opted membership in his/her function as ECCOMAS YIC conference organizer
(**) Regular membership and at the same time ECCOMAS YIC conference organizer

Success Stories

The ECCOMAS Young Investigators Committee (EYIC) has successfully carried out the following new activities over the last years:

  • 2019: Conception and implementation of the ECCOMAS Job Database
  • 2018: Science Slam at ECCM-ECFD-Conference 2018 (Glasgow, U.K.)
  • 2018: Young Investigator Minisymposium at ECCM-ECFD-Conference 2018 (Glasgow, U.K.)
  • 2017: Conception and implementation of  the ECCOMAS Facebook Group
  • 2016: Young Investigator Minisymposium at ECCOMAS Congress 2016 (Crete, Greece)

Latest EYIC activities at 14th Virtual Congress WCCM & ECCOMAS 2020 in January 2021:

  • EYIC Young Investigator Minisymposium
  • EYIC Career Forum
  • EYIC Ph.D. Olympiads
  • EYIC & CSMAjuniors Junior Workshop – two days junior workshop with short courses, special sessions, and a 24h hackathon
  • EYIC Arts and Science Contest and virtual exhibition

Future activities are envisaged for the YIC Conference in Valencia in 2021:

  • EYIC Career Forum
  • EYIC Junior Workshop part I – three short introductory courses on recent research topics
  • EYIC Junior Workshop part II – a panel discussion on research fundings at the European level 
  • EYIC Ph.D. Olympiads

All information and registration is here:

Updates on future EYIC activities at ECCOMAS Congress 2022 in Oslo will be announced soon.

Related Activities

6th ECCOMAS Young Investigators Conference 2021

The 6th ECCOMAS Young Investigators Conference (YIC2021) will take place from July 7th through 9th, 2021 at Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain. The conference organizers are three young Spanish researchers: Enrique Nadal and José Martinez from Valencia and Carmen Rodrigo from Zaragoza. They represent the two Spanish societies (SEMNI and SEMA) under the umbrella of ECCOMAS.

As in the previous conferences organized under the auspices of the European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS), the focus is on the application of computational methods and modeling to different areas such as:

  • Computational Material Science
  • Computational Solids and Structural Mechanics
  • Computational Applied Mathematics
  • Industrial Applications and Challenges
  • Computational Engineering Science
  • Computational Geomechanics
  • Scientific Computing
  • Computational Advances in Composites
  • Computational Biomechanics
  • Computational Dynamic Failure/Fracture and Damage Mechanics
  • Multiscale Modelling
  • Computational Fluid Mechanics
  • Advances in Numerical Methods
  • Artificial Intelligence

The target group of the YIC2021 are young researchers, however senior scientists are welcome.

ECCOMAS PhD Olympiad will take place during the Conference.

Visit the Website.

10th ECCOMAS Olympiad

The twelfth ECCOMAS PhD Olympiad will take place in 2022, organized in the framework of the 8th ECCOMAS Congress.
5-9 June 2022, Oslo, Norway


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