The Technical Committees are seen as working bodies for elaborating and promoting main activities of ECCOMAS. They are supposed to support the MB by taking over specific tasks, leaving time for strategic issues and decision processes in the MB.

Nomination and renewal

  • Committee chairmen are nominated by EC and confirmed by MB.
  • Chairmen nominate vice-chairs and up to 3 additional members, after consulting the EC, forming the core groups of the committees. The core groups have to be confirmed by the MB. Core group members should represent different scientific sub-fields and different geographical regions. Committee members do not necessarily have to be a member of one of the national associations affiliated to ECCOMAS.
  • At least one regular member of the core group should be a MB member and should be indicated as representative of the committee in the MB. Committee chairmen should be invited as guests to MB meetings.
  • In addition, member associations may nominate one member for each committee; however they are not obliged to do so.
  • The chairmen may invite guests to committee meetings.
  • Not more than one third of the committee members should also be MB members.
  • The Technical Committee establishment has to be finished a half year after the start of a new presidency.
  • The member’s duration of term is four years; renomination of members is possible.
  • The MB has to evaluate the committee’s composition and activities in the second half of its term and has to decide on its continuation and possible changes both in memberships and activities.

Role and tasks

  • Committees act as task force of President, EC, and MB. Chairmen and vice-chairmen of all committees meet once a year to homogenize policies and to discuss transversal interactions. The involvement of not yet fully active fields in ECCOMAS, e.g. physics, acoustics, electromagnetics, and chemistry, etc. is particularly important.
  • Representation of the committee’s scientific field in all ECCOMAS activities.
  • Promotion of scientific discussions, development of visions in the field, identification of new and emerging sub-fields, promotion of young researchers, invitation of research groups not yet active in ECCOMAS, co-operation through small workshops
  • Nomination of plenary and semi-plenary speakers at ECCOMAS congresses and conferences to MB
  • Encouragement and invitation of researchers to organize mini-symposia at congresses and conferences, and identification and forcing of uncovered scientific topics suitable for mini-symposia.
  • Delivery of a yearly written report (approx. 2 pages) to the MB on the committee activities; based on these reports the MB gives recommendations on future activities of committees.
  • Regular reports, scientific articles, etc. to ECCOMAS Newsletter.

The chairmen of the Technical Committees should be invited as regular guests to EC meetings and should be provided with the EC meeting documents.