CISM-ECCOMAS International Summer School 2024

ECCOMAS is pleased to announce the CISM course “Variational Fracture Mechanics and Phase-Field Models” coordinated by Laura de Lorenzis (ETH Zurich) and Corrado Maurini (Sorbonne Université) which takes place in Udine, Italy, from July 1-5, 2024

The course is offered in a hybrid format giving the possibility to attend the course also by remote (on Microsoft Teams platform). On-site places are limited and assigned on first come first served basis.

The goal of this course is to pro­vide to graduate students, young researchers and engineers a com­plete and multidisciplinary presen­tation of the variational phase-field approach to fracture.

This new paradigm for the theore­tical and computational treatment of damage and fracture has emerged in the past two decades as a game changer for both theory and applications and has attracted large attention in the broad fractu­re mechanics community as well as from industry. The lecturers will present phase-field fracture modeling in the framework of the variational Griffith’ theory of frac­ture mechanics and its variational regularization, of gradient damage models, as well as of phase-field modeling for phase transfor­mations.

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