Award for the Best Ph.D Thesis of 2002 on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering

In the meeting held in Göteborg, on May 2003, the ECCOMAS Managing Board appointed the selection committee for the ECCOMAS Award for the Best PhD Thesis 2002composed by: H. Mang, J. Périaux, E. Oñate, N. E. Wiberg (chairman) and P. Díez (secretary).

The meeting of the Evaluation Committee was held on June 16 in Barcelona, Spain. As an answer to the call for tender, 17 Ph.D. theses were nominated by the ECCOMAS member associations.

After a detailed discussion, a secret voting was held. Two Ph.D. theses were ranked significantly higher than the remaining dissertations. Based on this result, the Committee decided unanimously to split the ECCOMAS Ph.D. Award between Dr. P. D. Ledger (University of Wales at Swansea) and Dr. S. Müller (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich). The prize was awarded to the two winners during the banquet of the ADMOS 2003 Conference in Göteborg, Sweden, on September 30, 2003. Dr. Ledger and Dr. Müller were invited to give a short lecture in the Conference.

All nominees have been recognized by ECCOMAS by a special Diploma.

The list of finalists selected by the local-regional ECCOMAS Association is the following:

Author Title of the Thesis Association Country
Thomas Daxner Multi-Scale Modeling and Simulation of Metalic Foams CEACM Poland
Torbjörn Ekevid Computational Solid Wave Propagation – Numerical Techniques and Industrial Applications NOACM Sweden
Ehab M. A. M. Fares Numerical Simulation of the Interaction of Wingtip Vortices and Engine Jets in the Near Field GAMM Germany
Erez Gal Triangular Shell Element for Geometrically Nonlinear Structural Analysis IACMM Israel
Guillaume Houzeaux A geometrical domain decomposition method in computational fluid dynamics SEMNI Spain
Emmanuel Labourasse Reconstruction des fluctuations turbulentes par une approche RANS/SGE. GAMNI/SMAI France
Paul David Ledger An hp-Adaptative Finite Element Procedure for Electromagnetic Scattering Problems ACME UK
David Moens A Non-probabilistic Finite Element Approach for Structural Dynamic Analysis with Uncertain Parameters BNCM Belgium
Jörn Mosler Finite Element Analysis of Material Bifurcation by Means of Piecewise Continuous Deformation Mapping GACM Germany
Sibylle Müller Bio-Inspired Optimization Algorithms for Engineering Applications BFIT Switzerland
Aleksander Nawrat Identification of Thermal and Operation Parameters in the Process of Continuous Casting of Metals PACM Poland
Jeroen van Oijen Flamelet-Generated Manifolds: Development and Application to Premixed Laminar Flames JM Burgerscentrum Netherlands
Nicola Panzeri Post Critical Behaviour of Shells: A Sequential Limit Analysis Approach GIMC/AIMETA Italy
Rui Pedro Ramos Cardoso Development of One Point Quadrature Shell Elements with Anisotropic Material Models for Sheet Metal Forming Analysis APMTAC Portugal
Pilar Rodriguez Salgado Mathematical and numerical analysis of some electromagnetic problems. Application to the simulation of metallurgical electrodes SEMA Spain
Jean-Jacques Sinou Non-linear Analysis of Complex Vibrations. Application of Braking Systems CSMA France
Dimitris Spanos Numerical Simulation of Flooded Ship Motions in Seaways and Investigation of the Behaviour of Passenger/Ro-Ro Ferries GRACM Greece