The European Community on Computational Method in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS) invites institutions from all over Europe to present proposals for the organization of the 6th Young Investigators Conference (YIC), to be held between April and September,2021.

Previous Young Investigators Conferences took place at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, (2012), Bordeaux, France (2013), in Aachen, Germany (2015) and Milan, Italy (2017). In September 2019 the YIC takes place at the AGH University of Science and Technology, of Krakow, Poland.

Since 2013 the Young Investigators Conferences are offered on a two-year interval in odd years in geographically varying areas. The conferences are organized and run by young investigators and supported by senior scientists. The target groups are PhD students in all stages of their PhD programs, postdocs and young researchers, under the age of 35.

In conjunction with the 6th Young Investigators Conference in 2021 the ECCOMAS PhD Olympiad 2021 has to be organized. For more details with respect to ECCOMAS Olympiads see

Institutions interested in organizing YIC 2021 are kindly requested to submit a proposal to the ECCOMAS Secretariat () before MAY 15, 2019 Proposals must include the following information:
– Conference Chairperson(s)
– Organizing Committee
– Registration Fee, Supporting Organizations
– Place to hold the Conference
– Advantages to holding the Conference at the proposed place
– Accommodation facilities.

ECCOMAS provides financial support for YIC in the amount of €10.000 and covers the registration fees of participants in the Olympiads. The proposals will be considered in the meeting of the Managing Board of ECCOMAS in Barcelona, on June, 2, 2019.