The meeting of the Evaluation Committee for the ECCOMAS award for the best PhD theses 2007 was held on May 5th, 2008 at CIMNE, Barcelona. As an answer to the call for tender, 17 theses were nominated by the ECCOMAS member associations.

After a detailed discussion, a secret voting was held in two phases. First, after a secret voting the number of thesis was reduced from 17 to 8. Then the committee ranked the 8 theses evaluating the different aspects of each and unanimously agreed on selecting 2 out of these 6 theses as the winners.

The two winners are:

  • Dr. Jeroen Wackers (The Netherlands) for the thesis “Surface Capturing and Multigrid for Steady Free-Surface Water Flows
  • Dr. Lukasz Madej (Poland) for the thesis “Development of the Multi-Scale Analysis Model to Simulate Strain Localization Occurring During Material Processing

These theses are outstanding works in Computational Methods combining excellent knowledge of both theory and practice.

All nominees will be recognized by a special diploma that will be sent directly to the candidate.

The list of finalists selected by the local-regional ECCOMAS Association is the following:

Author Title of the Thesis Association Country
Régis Cottereau Probabilistic Models of Impedance Matrices. Application to Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction CSMA France
Federica Daghia Active fibre-reinforced composites with embedded shape memory alloys GIMC-AIMETA Italy
Liesbet  Geris Mathematical Modelling of Bone Regeneration during Fracture Healing and Implant Osseointegration BNCM Belgium
Stefan Hartmann Contact Analysis of Thin-Walled Structures at Large Deformations GACM Germany
Niels Heinrichson On the Design of Tilting-Pad Thrust Bearings NoACM North Europe
Grieta Himpel Computational Modeling of Biomechanical Phenomena-Remodeling, Growth and Reorientation GAMM Germany
Michail Kavousanakis Coarse Simulation of Complicated Physicochemical and Biological Systems with Methods of Multiscale Analysis, Bifurcation Analysis and Self-Similarity GRACM Greece
Aline Lefebvre Numerical Modelling of Fluid/Particle Flows GAMNI France
Vladimir Lukeš Two-scale Computational Modeling of Soft Biological Tissues CEACM Central Europe
Lukasz  Madej Development of the Multi-Scale Analysis Model to Simulate Strain Localization Occurring During Material Processing PACM Poland
Netta  Omer Edge Stress  IACMM Israel
Intensity Functions in Three Dimensional Domains
Mayur  Pal Families of Control-Volume Distributed (MPFA) Finite Volume Schemes for the Porous Medium Pressure Equation on Structured and Unstructured Grids ACME UK
Carlos M. Tiago Tavares Fernandes Meshless Methods: Extending the Linear Formulations and its Generalization to Geometrically Exact Structural Analysis APMTAC Portugal
Andrés Prieto Aneiros Some Contributions in Time-Harmonic Dissipative Acoustic Problems SEMA Spain
Alberto Sorrentino PFM: Particle Filters for Magnetoencephalography SIMAI Italy
Jesús Gerardo Valdés Vázquez Nonlinear Analysis of Orthotropic Membrane and Shell Structures Including Fluid-Structure Interaction SEMNI Spain
Arho Virkki The Human Respiratory System: Modelling, Analysis and Control FMS Finland
Jeroen Wackers Surface Capturing and Multigrid for Steady Free-Surface Water Flows NMC Netherlands