Thursday, September 21, 2017
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ECCOMAS has two main Bodies and several Committees: the General Assembly and the Managing Board, an Executive Committee, a number of permanent Technical Committees, an ECCOMAS Young Investigator Committee, and the Ad Hoc Committees.

In the term 2017-2021, ECCOMAS is operated by

Michal Kleiber
Ferdinando Auricchio
Josef Eberhardsteiner
Harald van Brummelen
Boniface Nkonga
Barcelona Secretariat
Cristina Forace

The General Assembly  is the highest authority of the Association and is responsible for all major decisions concerning the Association. Each Member Association is represented in the General Assembly by a number of representatives proportional to its active members.

The Managing Board  is in charge of managing the scientific, technical, and financial affairs of ECCOMAS. Each member Association is represented by one member in the Managing Board with voting rights equal to its corresponding voting rights in the GA.

The Executive Committee  is formed by the President, the two Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer, the Secretary, and by up to two members, with responsibility for daily administration.

*Extensive Minutes of the General Assembly and the Managing Board are available in the Private Area of this website. You can enter using the "Access to Private Area" tool on the homepage .